We Belong Here is a CIC based in Leeds that focuses on increasing access to the arts, cross-arts collaboration and working within contemporary and local communities to celebrate expression and creativity. We Belong Here have brought together individuals from all over the globe to encourage cross-arts engagements as well as led local community based projects.



Back in 2019, Natasha Joseph created an event that was an art piece. Frustrated by art spaces that only catered towards specific mediums or practices, and not creative people as a whole, Joseph set out to create an event that developed cross-arts engagement across the visual and performing arts. The event was a combination of an art exhibition and an open-mic night, exploring the theme of community. This event was named We Belong Here, a simple statement which has since become our ethos- saying that no matter who you are, where you come from, you deserve a place in this world. 

From that, We Belong Here has grown into the CIC it is today, with Lucy Teoh & Francesca Rodi helping develop the company from that first event to the creative community it is today. We now experiment with the crucial themes of today, exposing society to expression and collective sharing while always celebrating creativity and diversity. Based in Leeds, England, we create opportunities for these ideas to be catalysed by providing events that engage every kind of creative and give them a platform to exhibit, perform and express. 

We believe our community provides the building blocks of change and by supporting and nurturing them we create new generations of artists and artistry. We Belong Here stands by expression across art forms, be it artist, poets, dramatists, musicians or dancers, across age groups and across communities, building contemporary spaces where they may all exist in unison.


We Belong Here is

still growing and changing,

and we look forward

to bringing you along on

our creative journey.

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